Plangger's Furniture in Benton Harbor - $1,499 Certificate for $749.50


You can contribute in a BIG WAY to St Jude Children’s Research hospital, and STILL get a great deal for your home!!!

The Caring Couch from the Radiothon is for sale – the couch that Matt Malone was using during Y-Country’s LIVE radiothon is at Plangger’s Furniture on Territorial Road for you to see & buy! It’s a $1,500 value that you can buy for 50% off! AND EVERY PENNY of the purchase price goes DIRECTLY to St Jude! Take a seat on the couch by visiting Plangger’s Furniture on Territorial Road, right across the street from the airport! You’ll LOVE the selection of furniture at Plangger’s too! Buy today & help St Jude Children’s Research Hospital!

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